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Detailed Ultrasonography – Mugla

Ortaca, Dalaman, Köyceğiz, Fethiye, Obstetrics & Gynecologist , Medical Doctor

If A Woman İs İll, There İs No Serenity At Home.

Mesut Bayraktar Muğla'da Bulunan Özel Muayenehanesinde Çalışırken - arka yok
Kadın Hasta ise Evde Huzur Yoktur

Mesut Bayraktar,MD

Gynecology & Obstetrics Specialist


  1. Weight
  2. Baby’s water
  3. Placenta
  4. Gender
  5. Life


(Not all may appear in every patient!)

  1. Evaluation of Skull Bone Structure
  2. Evaluation of Falx Cerebri
  3. Evaluation of Brain Hemispheres
  4. Evaluation of the Cavum Septum Pellicidum
  5. Evaluation of Lateral Ventricles
  6. Evaluation of Cisterna Magna
  7. Evaluation of Cerebellum Parenchyma Structure
  8. Inter-Orbital Diameter Evaluation
  9. Biocular Diameter Evaluation
  10. Orbital Diameter Evaluation
  11. FMF , Evaluation of Face Angle
  12. Hard Palate Evaluation
  13. Skull Base Evaluation
  14. Nasal Bone Evaluation
  15. Nasal Root Evaluation
  16. Upper Lip Evaluation
  17. Lower Lip Evaluation
  18. Evaluation of Jaw Size
  19. Evaluation of Mandible Bone Structure
  20. Neck Review
  21. Thyroid Evaluation
  22. Evaluation of Nape Thickness
  23. Evaluation of Back Skin
  24. Evaluation of Cervical Spines
  25. Evaluation of Thoracic Spines
  26. Evaluation of the Lumbar Spine
  27. Evaluation of Sacral Spines
  28. Evaluation of the anterior abdominal wall
  29. Liver Evaluation
  30. Gallbladder Evaluation
  31. Gastric Pocket Evaluation
  32. Evaluation of Right Lung Parenchyma Structure
  33. Evaluation of Left Lung Parenchyma Structure
  34. Chest Size Evaluation
  35. Heart Size Evaluation
  36. Four-Chamber Heart Examination
  37. Five-Chamber Heart Examination (Not as Detailed as Fetal Echo, Basic Level)
  38. Long Axis Heart Examination (Not as Detailed as Fetal Echo, Basic Level)
  39. High Axis Heart Examination (Not as Detailed as Fetal Echo, Basic Level)
  40. Short Axis Heart Examination (Not as Detailed as Fetal Echo, Basic Level)
  41. Heart Valve Examination (Not as Detailed as Fetal Echo, Basic Level)
  42. Heart Examination with Doppler (Not as Detailed as Fetal Echo, Basic Level)
  43. Respiratory Muscle Examination
  44. Evaluation of the Intestines
  45. Right Kidney Evaluation
  46. Left Kidney Evaluation
  47. Bladder Evaluation
  48. Right Renal Pelvis Evaluation
  49. Evaluation of the Left Renal Pelvis
  50. BPD (Biparietal Diameter)
  51. HC (Head Circumference)
  52. AC (Abdominal Circumference)
  53. Left FL ( Left Thigh)
  54. Right FL (Right Thigh)
  55. Left HL (Left Arm)
  56. Right HL (Right Arm)
  57. Right Ulna (Right Forearm 1st Bone)
  58. Left Ulna (Left Forearm 1st Bone)
  59. Right Radius (Right Forearm 2nd Bone)
  60. Left Radius (Left Forearm 2nd Bone)
  61. Left Tibia (Left Leg 1st Bone)
  62. Right Tibia (Right Leg 1st Bone)
  63. Left Fibula ( Left Leg 2nd Bone)
  64. Right Fibula ( Right Leg 2nd Bone )
  65. Right Foot Examination
  66. Left Foot Examination
  67. Right Hand Review
  68. Left Hand Review
  69. Genital Area Examination and Sex Determination
  70. Estimated Weight Calculation
  71. Evaluation of the Placenta
  72. Evaluation of the Cervix
  73. Evaluation of Uterine Wall Tissue
  74. Determination of Fetal Water Amount
  75. Choroid Plexus Evaluation
  76. Thymus Evaluation
  77. Spleen Evaluation
  78. Right Uterine Artery Doppler Examination
  79. Left Uterine Artery Doppler Examination
  80. Umbilical Artery Doppler Examination
  81. Umbilical Vein Doppler Examination
  82. Uterine Tonus Evaluation
  83. Corpus Callosum Examination
  84. Cord Vein Count Detection
  85. Fetal Facial Profile Evaluation
  86. Fetal Movement Monitoring
  87. Fetal Respiratory Movement Monitoring
  88. Ductal Arc Review
  89. Aortic Arch Examination
  90. Ear Eye Level Detection
  91. Gross Evaluation of Brain Parenchyma Structure
  92. Evaluation of Thalamic Nuclei
  93. Frontal Bossing Exclusion
  94. Evaluation of Heart Rhythm
  95. Evaluation of Cord Helix Structure
  96. Evaluation of Echogenicity of Bones
  97. Lens Evaluation
  98. Evaluation of Cord Entry and Exit Locations
  99. Examining Tongue Size
  100. Monitoring of Swallowing Reflex


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