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Healthy uterus does not produce polyps – polyp treatment -mugla

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If A Woman İs İll, There İs No Serenity At Home.

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Mesut Bayraktar,MD

Gynecology & Obstetrics Specialist

Vaginal Bleeding
Break Bleeding
Unending Menstrual Bleeding

It is a gynecological disease detected as a result of going to the gynecologist in cases of excessive menstrual bleeding.

What is inside the uterus is called an endometrial polyp.

Polyps Are Likely to Be Benign & Malicious (Cancer Precursor).

Uterus Do Not Produce Polyps Out of Spontaneity!

It is necessary to have a ground that facilitates the formation of polyps!

Basically Polyp is a Chronic Disease!

In the Female Genital System, Polyp is an Acquired Disease!

You will not encounter a situation where the fetus found in the mother’s womb has a polyp in the uterus!

Polyp is a later developing disease!

In fact, a polyp is a response of the female genital system to a cause that it cannot cope with!

Triggering Polyp Development in the Uterus; Couldn’t it be a gynecological disease that you can’t attribute or cure?

Couldn’t the Root Cause Be a Gynecological Disease?

Could the Polyp Developed in the Womb Be Triggering Other Diseases?

I know you went to the gynecologist… They just said there is a polyp…. Let’s Leave This Aside…

The Path to Treatment Begins with 1 (One) Examination.

If you want to make this start, request an appointment via WhatsApp 0546 774 01 59.

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