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Mugla Gynaecologist Medical Doctor Mesut Bayraktar

If A Woman İs İll, There İs No Serenity At Home.

Ortaca, Dalaman, Köyceğiz, Fethiye, Obstetrics & Gynecologist , Medical Doctor

If A Woman İs İll, There İs No Serenity At Home.

Mugla Gynaecologist Medical Doctor Mesut Bayraktar

Mesut Bayraktar, MD

Mugla Gynaecologist Medical Doctor

Women’s Health & Obstetrics Specialist
Ankara 1979 Married, 1 Child
Ankara Barbaros Primary School.
Ankara Demetevler Secondary School.
Ankara Demetevler Mimar Sinan High School.
1998 Kocaeli University Faculty of Medicine.
2005 Istanbul Zeynep Kamil Training and Research Hospital.

The Istanbul Zeynep Kamil Women’s Health and Obstetrics Training and Research Hospital, one of Turkey’s best and established hospitals, which is of great value to me, was founded as the first private hospital of the Ottoman Empire and has become one of the cherished institutions passed down to our nation over time. I received my specialized training at this hospital for five years. The duration of the residency training was initially set at four years, but it was extended to five years by the Higher Education Council (YÖK) to train higher-quality specialists. However, it was later reduced back to four years. After completing my military medical service for one year at Balıkesir Edremit Military Hospital and being discharged with the rank of Second Lieutenant, I worked in the private sector for seven years. During this time, I decided to make better use of the professional experiences I gained, to showcase quality and fulfill my mission. I wanted to continue my career plans in a quieter and less crowded environment. That’s why I decided to practice as an independent physician in my private clinic in Ortaca/Muğla, practicing the art and craft of medicine. Finally, in 2020, I started my independent practice in a way that suits my essence, and I am extremely happy with this decision. Here;

  • I determine my treatment methods Only for the Individual,
  • I provide detailed care to my patients by allocating at least 60 minutes,
  • I achieve consensus based on Love, Respect, Elegance, Gratitude, and Generosity,
  • By investigating the causes of the illness like a Detective,
  • I prioritize eliminating the triggers, I follow and implement advancements that align with my own Scientific perception.

I Perform The Surgeries İn Contracted Private Hospitals.

Ortaca, Dalaman, Köyceğiz, Fethiye, Obstetrics & Gynecologist , Medical Doctor
Mugla Gynaecologist Medical Doctor Mesut Bayraktar

My Office Address

Beşköprü Neighborhood Cumhuriyet Avenue No:62 Floor:3 Apartment: 5 48600 Ortaca/ Mugla

( Culture Park Opposite, Yaman Buffet Side , Aydem Over )

Gizemli Sır: Asemptomatik Vajinal Akıntı Rahi̇m & Vaji̇nal Kanamalar Neden Beklemekle İyi̇leşmi̇yor ? Muğla Kürtaj Pillar Content Ayrıntılı Ultrason Rahim İltihabı Vajinal Akıntı Menopoz nedir? Gebelikte – Hamilelikte Kanama

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