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In Turkey, the abortion procedure is performed by obstetricians-gynecologists.
Abortion is a time-sensitive procedure and should not be taken lightly.
Vacuum aspiration is the most common method used to terminate pregnancy. This method utilizes natural pressure to assist in ending the pregnancy. Vacuum abortion in Bodrum carries less risk and is a safer option compared to traditional abortion. During the procedure, the cervix is properly dilated and then the uterus is reached. Negative pressure is applied to remove the pregnancy sac from the uterus. This method of abortion has a low risk of complications and...


Abortion: Creating an abortion price list over the phone leads you to error. It is realistic to discuss the cost after a one-on-one gynecological examination and determining your condition. It is important to know that surgical procedures are costly.
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Abortion is a method used to terminate unwanted pregnancies in 2024. It also facilitates the cleansing of the uterus. Nowadays, it is mostly performed through the vacuum abortion method. In individuals with an increase in the thickness of the uterine wall or abnormal menstrual bleeding, taking a diagnostic sample from the uterine wall to understand the underlying condition is also referred to as abortion. Therefore, abortion is a method used for both terminating unwanted pregnancies and for treatment purposes. It is important to consult with a specialist gynecologist to obtain detailed information about this matter and abortion prices. Expert gynecologists, who will assist you in terms of your health, will guide you in the best way possible. Remember that in every case, health is always a priority.

Abortion methods deal with different situations and ensure the termination of pregnancy using appropriate techniques. Dilation abortion is a method used to terminate pregnancy. Revision abortion, on the other hand, is a method used to clean the uterus after a miscarriage. Probe abortion, done for diagnostic purposes in cases of uterine diseases, increased uterine wall thickness, or menstrual irregularities, involves the removal of tissue from the uterus. The collected tissues are examined in the pathology laboratory to identify the source of the problem. Vacuum abortion is a technique that is more practical and has lower complication rates. Material is removed from the uterus by applying negative pressure inside. This method is more convenient compared to the traditional method performed with sharp metal instruments.

Vacuum aspiration is the most commonly used method for terminating pregnancy. This method helps terminate pregnancy by utilizing natural pressure. Vacuum aspiration carries less risk compared to traditional abortion methods and is a safer option. During the procedure, the cervix is properly dilated and then accessed into the uterus. The pregnancy sac is removed from the uterus by applying negative pressure. Due to its low risk and effectiveness, abortion performed with this method is a preferred option.

I would like to point out that the legal limit in our country regarding abortion is 10 weeks. In other words, it is possible to terminate pregnancies legally through abortion until the 10th week. However, intervention can only occur in pregnancies that have passed this period if it is determined that they pose a risk in terms of health. The abortion procedure for pregnancies that have exceeded the legal limits can be carried out with the decision of a committee consisting of expert gynecologist doctors. Remember, laws aim to protect not only health and safety but also the rights of every individual.

If you’re curious about when an abortion can be performed during pregnancy, I can share with you that technically, for an abortion to be possible, the gestational sac needs to be observed inside the uterus via ultrasound. Therefore, an abortion can be performed starting from the 4th week when the sac becomes visible in the uterus. Of course, this is a sensitive and personal decision, so it is important to consult with expert gynecologists and evaluate the medical perspective. They can assist you in determining the most appropriate timing based on your situation. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this matter, you can easily seek advice from a doctor and discuss it openly. I am here to provide unbiased support!

Türkiye’de kürtaj prosedürü kadın doğum doktorları tarafından yapılan işlemdir. Ancak, hastanede kalma süresi genellikle gerekli değildir. Kürtaj genellikle günlük cerrahi bir işlemdir ve genellikle aynı gün içinde taburcu olmanız mümkündür. Ancak, nadir durumlarda, uzman doktorlar kalışınıza karar verebilirler. Bu durumlar, müdahalenin karmaşık veya riskli olabileceği, ciddi bir sağlık sorunu olabileceği veya ek ilaçların veya prosedürlerin gerekebileceği zamanlarda ortaya çıkabilir. Bu nedenle, tamamen uzman jinekologa bağlıdır ve her durumda hastaların ihtiyaçlarına göre karar verilir. Sonuç olarak, kürtaj için hastanede kalınması gerekmeyen yaygın bir durumdur, ancak her durumun kendine özgü olduğunu unutmayın.

The abortion procedure usually takes an average of 5 to 10 minutes. This duration is made possible by the six years of medical education and five years of specialization training that healthcare professionals undergo. Yes, the duration may seem quite short, but this procedure is actually a very delicate process. Doctors work carefully to safeguard the mother’s health to the highest extent possible and achieve the best possible outcome. Along with all these factors, the short duration of the abortion can actually be considered an advantage. Accurate information and professional attention provide good guidance to people in this matter and help everyone make the best decisions.

The performed abortion procedure does not cause pain since it is done under anesthesia. Generally, similar to menstrual cramping that can last 1-2 days after an abortion, there may be some discomfort. However, do not worry because these pains can usually be alleviated with simple pain relievers. This situation is a process that you can handle without having to interrupt your work or social life. The performed abortion procedure ensures your safety as it is typically carried out by professional expert gynecologists.

Of course! Stitches are not put during an abortion because the procedure is performed using the body’s natural cavities. Therefore, there is no need for any incisions. Expert gynecologists use the natural openings in your uterus to access your external genital organs during the abortion procedure. This means it is a minimally invasive procedure and is usually performed quickly. Therefore, there is no need for stitches.

The issue of when to stand up after an abortion may cause concern, but depending on the anesthesia you had, you can usually be discharged after resting for 1-2 hours. During this period, your body will recover and you will not need unnecessary rest. This means that it is usually possible to get up on your feet the same day after an abortion. During this time, you can focus on healing by keeping yourself calm. Specialist Gynecologist professionals can give you a more specific timeline depending on your specific circumstances, so it is important to stay in touch with them. But overall, post-abortion recovery time is mild and offers a more comfortable journey for you. Don’t worry, you’ll probably be able to get back on your feet in a short time.

The issue of when to stand up after an abortion can cause concern, but depending on the anesthesia you received, you can generally be discharged after resting for 1-2 hours. During this time, your body will recover and you won’t need unnecessary rest. So, it is usually possible to stand up on the same day after abortion. During this time, you can focus on healing by staying calm. Expert gynecologists can provide you with a more specific timeline based on your individual circumstances, so it is important to stay in touch with them. However, generally, the time to stand up after an abortion is short and offers a more comfortable journey for you. Don’t worry, it is likely that you will be able to stand up shortly.

The first period usually comes about a month after the abortion, but it is also seen that the first period can be delayed up to two months. So, because the body goes through a natural healing process, sometimes the menstrual cycle may take a little time. If two months have passed since the abortion and there is still no period, there is no need to worry, because every woman’s body reacts differently. However, in this case, it may be good to inform a gynecologist. Experts can provide you with more useful information by tracking and intervening appropriately when necessary. Thus, you can take steps to help your menstrual cycle return to normal.

A Spiral can be placed at the same time as a dilation and curettage (D&C). When it comes to the timing of the insertion of the intrauterine device (IUD), it can easily be done during the abortion procedure. This means that if someone decides to have an abortion and also wants an IUD to be placed, both procedures can be performed at the same time. It is often seen as a convenient opportunity for those who want to undergo long-term birth control immediately after an abortion. By combining the two procedures, individuals can save time and avoid going to multiple doctor’s offices. However, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider to ensure that you have good knowledge about the process, potential risks, or complications. They can provide personalized advice and guidance that takes into account your specific situation and needs.

The issue of whether or not you can swim in the sea or pool after abortion is quite sensitive. Typically, there may be spotting or bleeding for a few weeks after abortion. In this case, it is not recommended to swim in the sea or pool as long as the bleeding continues. Even if there is no bleeding, it is still advisable to stay away from sea or pool activities for at least 1 week. During this period, your body needs time to heal, and it is recommended to spend this time resting. This way, you can also minimize the risk of possible infections. Remember, your health and recovery process are your top priority. When you feel comfortable and consult with your gynecologist, you can enjoy swimming in the sea or pool. I wish you healthy and happy days!

Of course, you can get pregnant again after an abortion. However, even if you have the desire to become pregnant, it is beneficial to wait at least 3 months or until you have had 2 menstrual cycles for your body to recover and for a healthy pregnancy. It is important to give your body enough time to restore hormonal balance and heal during this period. This way, your future pregnancy may be healthier and closer to the desired outcome. It is important to follow the recommendations of your gynecologist doctor, who always cares about your health and well-being. They will provide you with the best advice and assist you in trying to conceive again at the most suitable time for you.

After undergoing an abortion, it is generally recommended for the individual to leave the clinic shortly after the procedure. The use of painkillers is advised in case of possible pain. Planning a follow-up examination after the abortion is important to avoid potential risks. Neglecting this step may increase the likelihood of developing infections that should be avoided. It is considered normal to experience symptoms such as nausea, pain, and fatigue after the procedure. However, if the pain intensifies, seeking medical assistance is crucial. There may or may not be bleeding after the procedure, and if present, it can last for approximately 1-2 weeks. However, if the bleeding becomes excessive, it is important to seek medical help without delay. Engaging in sexual intercourse, going to the beach, or swimming in a pool during the first 1-2 weeks after an abortion can increase the risk of infection. Therefore, it is recommended to adhere to the period of sexual abstinence and avoid shared spaces such as swimming pools. Taking a shower for genital hygiene is necessary on the first day after the abortion. For this purpose, soap or other cleaning products should not be used. A follow-up examination is generally recommended approximately 1-2 weeks after the abortion for routine checks.

Of course! Abortion can be performed without anesthesia in emergency situations or special circumstances. However, since the pain level will significantly increase without anesthesia, it is more appropriate to perform abortion under local or general anesthesia. In fact, considering both the patient’s psychology and comfort, it is more suitable to perform abortion under anesthesia. This way, we can ensure a more comfortable experience for our patients.

Unfortunately, there is no officially approved pill for inducing miscarriage or performing abortion in Turkey and most countries. Although such medications may be used in some countries abroad, the unregulated use of these drugs is a major cause for concern. Gynecologists prefer not to approve the use of these types of medications in order to prevent uncontrolled and unhealthy usage. Although this can sometimes be disappointing, health and safety always take priority. Therefore, it is important to always consult a healthcare professional regarding pregnancy-related situations.

No, it is not. Abortion is usually performed under anesthesia. This means that it is not possible to feel pain during the abortion procedure. Thanks to anesthesia, patients can undergo the procedure comfortably and avoid pain. Doctors and healthcare personnel take necessary precautions to ensure the comfort of patients and make this process as least stressful as possible. Abortion can be a sensitive topic, but with proper treatment and anesthesia methods, this procedure becomes a more comfortable experience.

Indeed, abortion is a legal right in our country! The Population Planning Law, which came into effect in 1983, has determined the framework for abortion. According to this law, individuals who are over 18 years old and unmarried can have an abortion of their own free will. Married individuals, on the other hand, have the right to have an abortion with the consent of their spouses. This legal regulation provides individuals with a sense of security and the freedom to make decisions about their own bodies. What is important is to support individuals who wish to make a decision in this regard and to respect their rights. We should not forget that respecting everyone’s personal choices is important in protecting the health and well-being of individuals.

Certainly, reading comments from those who have undergone abortion may seem appealing because they can provide insights into real stories and different experiences. However, just like in any medical situation, consulting with a specialist doctor is a much healthier option than basing any decision regarding abortion on online writings and comments. Information and comments on the internet often come from unverified, unclear sources, and can lead users in the wrong direction. Information overload has become a global issue, so it is crucial to seek the opinion of a gynecologist for your health concerns. An expert gynecologist can provide you with the most suitable and reliable information, taking into account your medical history and personal needs. Therefore, instead of relying too much on abortion stories you read online, it is better to seek information and guidance from your doctor.

Your marital status is significant when it comes to the topic of abortion. Individuals who are over 18 years old and unmarried can undergo abortion based on their own desires. Unmarried individuals, once they surpass the age of 18, can also opt for abortion with their consent. During this process, no one else would definitely know that the person has had an abortion. Additionally, whether you have had an abortion before or not cannot be discerned during a doctor’s examination. Married individuals also have the right to undergo abortion. However, in this case, along with the individual’s own consent, written consent from the spouse is required. In addition to all this, your abortion information is kept completely confidential within the framework of your personal rights.

There are numerous abortion centers in Turkey where abortion is performed. Despite abortion being a relatively fast and safe procedure, it is important to remember that it should always be performed by a qualified and experienced gynecologist. These dedicated professionals in the field of reproductive health adhere to strict rules and prioritize the well-being of their patients. By entrusting your care to a reputable abortion center, you can be sure that the process will be handled with great care and expertise. The staff in these centers understand the sensitivity that comes with this decision and exhibit a friendly and non-judgmental approach, providing support and guidance throughout the entire process. Whether it’s counseling, medical examinations, or post-procedure care, these committed abortion centers ensure that you receive the highest quality care in a compassionate and sincere environment, prioritizing your safety and health.

Abortion prices vary depending on several factors in 2024. These factors include the type of procedure performed, the weeks of pregnancy, the type of anesthesia used, the medications used, and the individual’s medical characteristics. However, there is no need to worry about this! The best approach to determine abortion prices is to communicate directly with healthcare centers. Experts will work closely with you to offer the most suitable price and provide you with the best service. Remember, gynecological healthcare services are here to support you in affordable pricing and professional assistance. If you have any questions or concerns, you can obtain more information by consulting your doctor or healthcare center.

Abortion Prices List

Doctors who perform abortion procedures provide services. However, information about abortion prices cannot be provided via internet – phone. Abortion services in Turkey are subject to certain rules according to the laws; prices are also included in this scope. Therefore, providing a general list of abortion prices, average prices, minimum prices, and maximum prices is legally prohibited.

Abortion is a medical procedure that can be chosen for various reasons. Therefore, if a woman decides to undergo the abortion process, she should consult a reliable gynecologist. Doctors providing these services operate with experienced, expert competence. However, abortion prices may vary for each patient and can vary depending on individual factors.

The abortion procedure is carried out in accordance with legal procedures in Turkey, following an approach that complies with the laws. Doctors performing abortions attach great importance to confidentiality and sensitivity issues. Therefore, they provide services in a professional format to ensure patient satisfaction and trust.

Remember that the abortion process is an important decision, and you should get accurate information during the process. You can obtain detailed information and better understand the process by communicating directly with relevant gynecologist doctors. Acting in accordance with the laws in terms of healthcare services is always the most accurate approach.

What Can Determine Abortion Price?

The price of abortion varies depending on hospitals and clinics. Consult with expert gynecologists when scheduling appointments for the lowest abortion prices. Getting proper counseling and support is the best way to deal with unwanted pregnancy situations.

  • Type of Clinic You Choose
  • The type of clinic you choose for the abortion procedure can have a significant impact on the total cost. Public hospitals usually offer lower prices compared to private clinics. However, private clinics may provide a more personalized experience and additional support services. Evaluate your needs and budget before deciding which clinic type is suitable for you.

  • Stage of Your Pregnancy
  • The stage of pregnancy for which you seek abortion can be another critical factor in determining the cost. Costs are often higher in advanced stages of pregnancy. Early-stage abortions (up to 7 weeks) tend to be more economical. Consult with an expert gynecologist for the most reasonable option.

  • Existing Medical Conditions
  • If you have any existing medical conditions, they can affect the cost of abortion. Specific health issues may require additional medical procedures and counseling, which can increase the overall cost. Your healthcare provider will assess your condition and inform you about possible impacts on the cost.

  • First-Time Abortion
  • If you are having an abortion for the first time, you may need additional counseling and support services. These additional services may come with extra costs. Clinics equipped with experienced staff can ensure your comfortable guidance throughout the process.

  • Gynecological Infections
  • What Are Gynecological Infections?

    Gynecological infections refer to conditions such as inflammation of the female reproductive organs. Inflammations in organs such as the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, and vagina can occur for various reasons. Factors such as sexually transmitted infections, lack of hygiene, and the entry of microorganisms into the body during sexual intercourse can lead to gynecological infections.

    Importance of Dealing with Gynecological Infections

    Gynecological infections can lead to serious problems that negatively affect women’s health. When not diagnosed and treated early, these infections can progress and cause significant complications. Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and chronic pelvic pain can be consequences of gynecological infections. Therefore, rapid diagnosis and treatment of gynecological infections are essential.

    The cost of gynecological infections and abortion can be a significant concern for women. However, using resources wisely can minimize the costs of the abortion process. State-supported health centers and clinics can offer low-cost gynecological infection treatment and abortion services. In these centers, along with experienced specialist gynecologists, you can receive quality services at minimal prices.

    Gynecological infections and the cost of abortion are important issues affecting women’s health and financial situations. Proper information on these matters, along with appropriate guidelines, allows women to receive quality services at the most reasonable prices. Taking gynecological infections seriously, early diagnosis, and treatment play a significant role in preventing long-term health problems. Similarly, being aware of the factors determining abortion costs and using resources wisely is a sensible approach to minimizing costs.

  • Bleeding Disorders
  • People with bleeding disorders may require specific treatments and monitoring during the abortion process and in the following days. These additional measures can contribute to the total cost. Inform your expert gynecologist doctor about any bleeding disorders you have during the effective and safe abortion process.

  • Uterine Shape Disorders
  • Uterine shape disorders can affect the complexity of the abortion process.

    Intervention techniques may vary depending on the presence of uterine shape abnormalities, which can affect the total cost. Discussing your situation with your healthcare provider will help you understand possible cost impacts more clearly.

  • Insurance Coverage
  • If you have health insurance, check whether your policy covers abortion procedures. Certain insurance plans may offer partial or full coverage, significantly reducing your out-of-pocket expenses. Understand your coverage in advance when calculating the expected cost.

Are you facing the challenging decision of having an abortion? We understand that this can be an emotionally taxing period and it is important for you to prioritize your physical and mental health throughout the process. By following a carefully prepared vacuum aspiration abortion workflow (vacuum suction abortion workflow), you can undergo a safe and comfortable abortion procedure. In this guide, we will explain the steps involved in the process in detail, emphasize the importance of each step, and provide information to help make your experience as smooth as possible.

Step 1: Determine the Suitable Time

The first step in the vacuum aspiration abortion workflow is to determine whether your menstrual period is delayed or not. After confirming this fact, it is crucial to consult the nearest specialist gynecologist, seek medical advice, and undergo an examination. Choosing a nearby clinic will make the procedure more convenient, providing easy access to follow-up appointments and support.

Step 2: Making an Appointment with a Gynecologist

To continue with the abortion, you need to make an appointment with a specialist gynecologist who performs the procedure. During this examination visit, the gynecologist will conduct a comprehensive gynecological examination to confirm the presence of any underlying health problems or obstacles that could hinder the abortion process. This step is important for your safety and well-being.

Step 3: Confirming that there are no circumstances that hinder the process.

During the specialist gynecologist examination, the doctor will evaluate your medical history and perform necessary examinations or tests to eliminate any contraindications or complications. It is crucial to ensure that you do not have any diseases or conditions that could make the abortion dangerous. Once the doctor confirms that there are no obstacles, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Evaluation of Pregnancy and Size with Ultrasound

Using ultrasound technology, the gynecologist will determine the gestational age and size of your pregnancy. This information is crucial in determining the most suitable method for performing an abortion. Understanding the full stage of pregnancy will assist the gynecologist in tailoring the procedure to your specific needs.

Adım 5: Doktorunuzla Güvenilir Bir İlişki Kurma

Bir doktor-hasta ilişkisi tüm vakumlu kürtaj süreci boyunca çok önemlidir. Bu ilişki karşılıklı güven, saygı, zarafet ve empatiye dayalıdır. Doktorunuz, işlem sırasında herhangi bir sorunuz veya endişeniz olup olmadığını yanıtlamak ve size destek olmak için çaba gösterecektir.

Adım 6: İşlem İçin Gerekli Kriterleri Karşılama

Vakumlu kürtaj işlemi için uygun olabilmek için belirli kriterleri karşılamanız gerekmektedir. Bu kriterler genellikle 18 yaşın üzerinde olmanız, gebeliğin ilk 10 haftasında olmanız ve işlemi tehlikeli hale getirebilecek herhangi tıbbi durumunuzun olmamasını içerir. Bu gereksinimleri karşılıyorsanız, doktorunuz kürtaja devam edecektir.

Step 7: Performing the Abortion Procedure

When the necessary criteria are met, the doctor will perform a vacuum aspiration procedure. This procedure involves a gentle suction method to remove pregnancy tissue from the uterus. The procedure is usually fast and relatively painless, and it is performed with minimal discomfort. The doctor will ensure that you feel adequately prepared and supported throughout the procedure.

Step 8: Getting Prescriptions and Follow-up Instructions

After the procedure, if necessary, the gynecologist will prescribe a prescription for you. It is crucial to quickly obtain the prescribed medication from the pharmacy according to the instructions, keep the necessary medication at home for a smooth recovery, and use it. Additionally, you will receive detailed instructions regarding post-procedure care and follow-up appointments if needed.

Step 9: Resting and Healing at Home

After receiving your prescription and instructions, it is time to return home and prioritize rest and recovery. During this delicate period, make sure to allocate ample time for both physical and emotional rest. Stay in touch with your support system and focus on taking care of yourself during this time.

Result: Authority to Make Informed Choices The vacuum aspiration workflow diagram serves as a guide to ensure a safe, comfortable, and supported abortion process. By following these steps and entrusting yourself to the care of a understanding and experienced gynecologist, you can confidently navigate this challenging decision. Remember, you are not alone, and there are professional gynecologists ready to support you at every step.
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Discover step-by-step guide to the vacuum aspiration abortion procedure (vacuum suction abortion procedure) that ensures a safe and comfortable abortion process. Learn about important steps, suitability requirements, and post-procedure care.

Dr. Mesut Bayraktar, a leading figure in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, not only provides the best gynecological and obstetric care for vaginal, cervical, and uterine health but also offers detailed treatments at his private practice. These treatments include detailed ultrasound examinations, cervical smears, colposcopy, insertion and removal of intrauterine devices, infertility treatments, therapeutic medical procedures, abortion, pregnancy, menopause, ultrasound, colposcopy, uterus removal, hysterectomy, myomectomy, polyp removal, polypectomy, cyst removal, cystectomy, urinary incontinence, vaginal discharge, burning, itching, bleeding, and more.

I believe in the necessity for women to lead healthy and happy lives. I am passionate about strengthening reproductive health because the success of female genital health contributes significantly to global well-being, making the world a better place. Additionally, I am aware that the art and craft of medicine must be holistic. With this awareness, I address the physical, mental, and emotional health of my patients. As Dr. Mesut Bayraktar, I listen to the concerns of the patients without bending the truth and speak only the facts. My goal is to work in detail with each patient to prioritize and set health care goals.

I strive to do my best to meet individuals who want to heal where they are in life. The first time patients express that they feel "heard" in their interaction with Dr. Mesut Bayraktar is a professional success. Women's health and gynecological care are multifaceted; I want to assist women in managing their health throughout their lives.

There is a need for strong health advocates working alongside women in Turkey. Mesut Bayraktar sees himself as a partner - an ally in meeting the needs professionally. Developing a women's health and gynecological care plan that benefits the individual and their family is my goal in every grateful patient. I feel that I can provide gynecological health care that adapts to the art and craft of medicine, being flexible and accommodating (including evidence-based and personalized modified applications).

My approach works for women who want to heal. In the field of gynecology and women's health, Dr. Mesut Bayraktar, with over 15 years of experience, can be reached for online appointments via WhatsApp at +905467740159. There is no peace at home if a woman is unwell. The path to treatment begins with one examination."

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The woman's vagina is one of the most special and sensitive areas in her body. The stimulating effect of the vagina naturally arouses sexual desires. The vagina deserves attention not only physically but also emotionally. As a reflection of the woman's inner world, approaching the vagina with love, care, understanding, and valuing oneself contributes to the depth of relationships. The vagina, opening in response to the sensitivity of a partner, enhances confidence, allowing relationships to be built on solid foundations.

The hygiene of the romantic vagina is like nothing else. The moment two people's bodies unite is an intense moment of emotional and physical connection. The vagina is the jar that fuels the fire of romance. Its warmth, moisture, and pheromones make romantic moments even more special, creating a sense of emotional closeness.

However, the great power of the female vagina lies in its ability to evoke pheromonal strength and potential pheromonal suppression. As a symbol of fertility, it hosts the beginning of new life. It is a symbol of power in the woman's body. Confidence in oneself, on the journey of self-discovery, gives the woman a sense of power and freedom.

A woman who awakens the energy within her can have the potential to change the world. In conclusion, the female vagina is a marvelous organ with its stimulating effect, sensitivity that allows consideration, romanticism, and the potential to evoke power. With these features, it helps establish deep connections in human relationships and assists in sharing love and passion.

Discovering this miraculous organ in a woman's body can help her express herself fully and unleash her true potential. Sometimes, facing this power, women may ignore vaginal diseases. The vagina is a private organ, hidden by women throughout their lives, and there is even a prison sentence for not hiding it. The learned instinct to hide creates a predisposition to overlook vaginal diseases, making the treatment process almost impossible.

If you have a dedicated gynecologist, you won't get into trouble with your vagina. As a professional still learning about the vagina, vaginal discharge is the result of a complex equation of extremely complex reasons. Reading about those who seek healing with simple methods using herbal remedies truly annoys me. ZERO vaginal discharge is healthy.
Sıfır , Zero, Finito vaginal discharge is healthy.

The major source of chronic inflammation in the female body is vaginal discharge. Chronic inflammation is a condition that arises when the immune system of the body remains continuously active. While acute inflammation is a short-term response typically developing in response to specific triggering factors such as infection or tissue damage, chronic inflammation is a long-lasting, persistent condition.

Various factors can trigger chronic inflammation, including recurrent infections (vaginal discharge, vaginitis, cervicitis, uterine inflammations), autoimmune diseases, obesity, stress, smoking, unhealthy eating habits, and a sedentary lifestyle. Chronic inflammation can lead to tissue damage over time by keeping the inflammatory response in the body continuous, resulting in health problems.

Chronic inflammation can contribute to the development of various diseases, including heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory bowel disease. The association of chronic inflammation with diseases indicates that it has long-term negative effects on the immune system and tissues of the body.

The symptoms of chronic inflammation may vary from person to person and may include constant fatigue, weakness, fever, joint pains, muscle aches, digestive problems, skin issues, and weight changes. These symptoms may reflect the long-term effects of the inflammatory process in the body.

The treatment of chronic inflammation primarily requires identifying and addressing the underlying cause. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition, regular exercise, stress management, and paying attention to sleep patterns can help control chronic inflammation. Additionally, medication and other medical interventions may be necessary.

Preventing and managing chronic inflammation requires individuals to pay attention to their overall health and maintain healthy lifestyle habits. Regular visits to a gynecologist, receiving appropriate medical treatment, and practicing stress management are measures that can help reduce the adverse effects of chronic inflammation.
The biggest source of chronic inflammation in a woman’s body is vaginal discharge.
The tests are not superior to the doctor's opinion.
The tests are not superior to the doctor’s opinion.
Hayatın olağan akışı gereği iyileşmek için hasta olan kişi çabalamalıdır yani aktif rol oynamalıdırlar. Görüldüğü üzere tedavi hunisinin büyük kısmında vakit kaybeden, hastalığını ret eden, iyileşemeyen, bahane, bedava - ucuz yöntemlere yönelen, körü körüne bel bağlayan hastalar pasif iyileşmeyi yani iyileşememeyi seçenler bulunmaktadır.

Tedavi süreci, hastaların sağlık sorunlarıyla başa çıkabilmeleri, iyileşme sağlayabilmelerinde önemli adımdır. Ancak, tedavi hunisi sürecinde Hekimlerin bazı zorluklarla karşılaşması mümkündür. Resimde, hastaların farklı farklı tutumlarından kaynaklanan zorlukları ele alarak, hekim-hasta ilişkisinde zorlukların üstesinden gelirken zedelenebileceğini, tedavi hunisinin önemini vurgulayacağız. Tedavi süreci, hasta sağlığını iyileştirmek amaçlı yapılan serüven düşünülebilir. Tedaviler, sağlık sorunlarına farklı yaklaşımlar gerektirebilir, bazen beklenmedik zorluklarla karşılaşılabilir. Bundan dolayı, tedavi hunisi sürecinde hekimlerin, hastaların farklı tutumlarına uygun şekilde davranması, etkili iletişim becerilerini kullanması önemlidir. Hekimlerin mesleklerini icra ederken , hasta kaynaklı zorlukları aşarken, hekim-hasta ilişkisinin zarar görmemesinde hastaların dikkatli olmaları gerekmektedir. Çünkü hekim sonsuza kadar sabredebilen, her uygunsuzluğa pozitif, sorun çözme şeklinde yaklaşan canlılar gibi düşünmeyiniz.

*** Hastalığını Kabul Etmeyenler: Hastalığını kabul etmeyen bireyler, sağlık sorunlarını inkar ederek tedaviye direnç gösterebilirler. Bunlar , tedavi sürecinin başarıyla ilerlemesini engelleyebilir. Hastalığını kabul etmeyen kişiler, genellikle hastalıklarının ciddiyetini ya da varlığını reddederler. Buda, hem kendileri hem de doktora sorun çıkmaktadır. Hastalığın kabul edilmemesi, tedavi sürecinin etkinliğini azaltabilir, tamamen durdurabilir.Hastalığını kabul etme evresi, hasta olduğunu kabul etme; tedavi sürecinin önemli parçasıdır. Hastalığın kabul edilmesi, kişinin gerçek durumuyla yüzleşmesine, gereken tedaviye tam uyum sağlamasına yardımcı olabilir. Böylece tedavi süreci daha etkili başarılı olabilir. Hastalığını kabul etmeyen bireylerin, kendi sağlık durumlarını gerçekçi şekilde değerlendirmeleri, tedaviye açık olmaları önemlidir.

Hastalığını kabul etmeyen, ret eden; Doktoru rakip , düşman bilmektedir.

*** Hastalığını Kabul Edenler: Hastalığını kabul eden kişiler, tedavi sürecine daha olumlu yaklaşabilirler. Hastaların tedaviye uyum sağlamasını kolaylaştırır, iyileşme sürecini hızlandırabilir. Fakat çoğunlukta bazı insanlar hastalığını kabul etsede hekim yerine başka yollara başvurabilerek, hastalıkların ilerlemesine, kronikleşmesine neden olmaktadır.

*** Bir Ara Hallederizciler - Google Aramacılar: Bazı hastalar, sağlık sorunlarıyla ilgili hafife alıcı, savsaklayıcı tutum sergileyebilirler. “Bir ara hallederizciler”, sağlık sorunlarını erteleme, önemsememe eğilimindedir. Google aramacıları ise kendi kendini teşhis etme, tedavi etme çabasına, akıllılığına girebilirler. Yanlış bilgilendirme, yanlış tedavi seçeneklerine yol açabilir.

*** Doğal Tedavi Yöntemlerine Körü Körüne İnananlar: Doğal tedavi yöntemlerine inanan hastalar, alternatif çözümler arayışında olabilirler. Maydanoz, soğan suyu içiciler gibi, doğal yöntemlere güvenerek, körü körüne bel bağlayarak etkisiz, tedavi sürecini yürütebilirler. Bazen bilimsel kanıtlanmamış, etkinliği sınırlı olan yöntemlere yönelmelerine neden olabilir. Maalesef tüm iletişim mecraları tedavilerin etkin olmadığını söylese de böyle yönelimler artarak devam etmektedir.

*** Sahte Doktor Bulucular - Maddi Zorluk Çıkarıcılar: Sahte doktor bulucular, maddi zorluk yaratanlar - bulanlar, yani tedaviye gereksiz yere maddi kısıntı uygulayanlar, tedavi sürecini olumsuz etkileyebilir. Ev, araba kredisi ödemesi, oğlanı evlendirme gibi maddi yükler altında olan hastalar, tedaviye uyum sağlamakta, iyileşmekte güçlük çekebilirler. İnsanlar sağlıklı kalmanın, mal mülk edinmeden değerli olduğunu maalesef kavrayamamaktadırlar.

Hasta olmuş ama evi var
Hasta olmuş ama oğlu evlenmiş.

Kendini, sağlığını feda ederek yaşamda hedefleri başarmak maalesef artan hızda devam etmektedir. Günümüzde oldukça yaygın durumdur. İnsanlar, zamanı, varlıklarını daha verimli kullanmak amacıyla sağlıklarını tehlikeye atabilmektedirler. Ancak, sağlığın önemi göz ardı edilmemelidir. Kaliteli yaşam sürerken sağlıklı olmak şarttır. Hayatta hedefleri  başarmak önemli olsa da, sağlığımıza dikkat etmekten asla vazgeçmemeliyiz.

Tedavi hunisi süreci, hastaların sağlık sorunlarını çözmek, iyileşmede  önemli adımdır. Ancak, bazı hastalar, kendilerine gereksiz yere maddi zorluklar yaratarak (3. evinin kredisini bahane göstermek, 4. çocuğunu davul zurna - yemekli evlendirmeye çalışması) tedavi sürecini  olumsuz etkilemektedir (tedavi olmamaktadırlar!). Makaleyle maddi gücü – imkanı olduğu halde “ev aldık, araba aldık kredi ödüyoruzcular” şeklinde adlandırılan, doktoru gereksiz yere maddi zorluklar ile meslek icrasına sürükleyen hastaların yeteri kadar iyileşemediklerini vurgulamak istiyorum.

*** Profesöre Gidenler - İyi Doktor Deyiciler: Bazı hastalar, tedavide ünlü/ünsüz profesöre başvurma eğilimindedirler. Bunlar, “normal” doktorları, diğer sağlık hizmeti sağlayıcılarını göz ardı edebilir, hatta küçümseyebilir. Aynı şekilde, bazı hastalar, tedavi - meslek icrasının masrafları nedeniyle para talep eden doktorlardan da uzak durma eğiliminde olup tedavi sürecini menfi etkileyebilir. Uygun tedavi seçeneklerinin kaçırılmasına, hastalığın artmasına neden olabilir. Hastalar kaçırılan, kaybolan sağlığın %100 geri gelmediği konusunda yeteri kadar ikna edilmelidirler. Mümkün ise hastalar, tedavinin tamamen geri gelmeme, başarılı olmama riski olduğuna ilişkin yeterli bilgilendirme yapılarak ikna edilmelidirler.

Maalesef bazı insanlar maddi varlıklarının korunmasını sağlıklarından önemli görmektedir.

Servete Mala Mülke Yaşayanlar Sağlıklarını Feda Ediyorlar.

*** Ego, Kişisel Çıkar Çatışmaları: Hekim-hasta ilişkisindeki ego, kişisel çıkar çatışmaları, tedavi sürecini olumsuz etkileyebilir. Doktorun , hekim hasta bağı kurulmamış hastaya “sen” demesi gibi durumlar, iletişim sorunlarına yol açabilir. Aynı şekilde, bazı hastalar da doktorlarla kişisel, duygusal çıkar çatışması içine girebilirler , tedavi sürecinin etkinliğini azaltabilir. Hastalar , empati, anlayışla Hekimleri karşılamalı, iletişimde açıklık, saygıyı korumalı, kişisel çıkar çatışmalarından uzak durmalıdır. Hekim-hasta bağı, tedavi sürecinin başarısında önemli faktördür. Hastaların hekimle güven, destek temelinde ilişki kurması, tedaviye uyumlarını artırır, iyileşme motivasyonunu yükseltir. Hekimler de, hastaların duygusal ihtiyaçlarını anlamalı, hastalarla işbirliği yaparak tedavi sürecini yönetmelidir. Hasta, hekimin yönlendirmelerine uyum sağladıkça, hastada, hekimi destekleyici rol üstlendikçe, iyileşme süreci olumlu yönde etkilenecektir.

Tedavi sürecindeki zorluklarla başa çıkan, iyileşen hastalar, motivasyon kaynağı olabilirler. İyileşenlerin başarı hikayeleri, diğer hastalara umut ilham verebilir. Hekimlerin iyileşme sürecini desteklemek , başarı hikayelerini paylaşmaları önemlidir. Tedavi sürecinde karşılaşılan zorluklar, hastaların tutumları, hekim-hasta ilişkisi etrafında yoğunlaşır. Hastaların hastalıklarını kabul etme, doğru bilgilere ulaşma, maddi zorluklarla başa çıkma, kendince maddi zorluk varlığı yaratmama, doğru tedavi seçeneklerini değerlendirme konularında Hekim destek vermesi önemlidir. Tekrardan, hastaların 1001  zorlukla meslek icrası yapan Hekime empati, anlayış - etkin iletişim becerileriyle Hekimleri benimsemeleri, işlerini kolaylaştırmaları, hastanın, tedavi sürecinin etkinliğini artırır, hastaların moralini yükseltebilir, motivasyonlarını artırabilir, tedaviye olan uyumlarını iyileştirebilir.

Hekim-hasta bağı, güvene dayalı ortamda kurulmalı, hastaların iyileşme sürecine aktif katılımları teşvik edilmelidir. Etkili tedavi sürecinde, hem hastaların hem de hekimlerin sorunların üstesinden gelmede birlikte çalışmaları, destekleyici ortam oluşturmaları gerekmektedir.
Do not be one of those trying to passively recover in the treatment funnel.

Abortion Prices

The sole way for the well-being and healthy continuation of Women’s Health, Future Generations ( Fetus, Baby, Child, Grandchild) passes through the comprehensive health of Female Reproductive Organs;
* Uterus – Womb
* Ovary – Ovaries
* Fallopian Tube – Tubes
* Cervix – Cervix Uteri
* Vagina – Vault
* Vulva – Perineum, such as organs; is the Healthy Transmission of Genetic Heritage from Generation ➞ to Generation. When this transmission is disrupted, diseases begin to pass from generation to generation. (Click for details↓ for More)
The Most Neglected, Unresolved Simplest Women’s Disease, Accumulating Over Time, can be a Triggering Factor in the Development of Various Diseases;
* Rheumatological
* Neurological
* Psychiatric
* Oncological
* Even Odontogenic… Diseases. Diseases That Suddenly Emerge may be caused by Neglecting and Getting Used to; Over Time, Forgetting (Adaptation Developed to Diseases; Breaks at the First Stress Moment)) may be the Main Reason for Secretly Processing the Disease, that is, the Root Disease is Feminine Disease, may not even come to your mind. Believing 100% in Tests can Cost You Serious Time, Money, and Lifespan. Do not Blindly Rely on Pages of Test Results, Do Not Rely on Empty Tests Just Because the Tests Came Out Normal; Do Not Trust Anything 100% Except the Physician. Especially Niche Diseases; Blood – Urine Tests Cannot Detect the Root Causes of Diseases Successfully. The Root Causes of Diseases that Seem Chronic and Indifferent Like Female Malaise May Seem Unrelated, Nonsensical to You and Your Environment. It can even lead you into error with statements like What Does It Have to Do With the Genital Area regarding the Connection with Your Serious Illness, Blindness – Inability to Perceive the Situation; Be Careful! Waiting for Niche Disease; Healing by Giving Time to Itself, Passing Time is Not Possible. Detailed Ultrasound It is an Important Stage of Pregnancy Follow-ups & Prenatal Diagnosis Procedures. It Takes a Minimum of 60 minutes. Quality Pregnancy can never be Sustained with Cheap, Standard Approaches, cannot be Endangered, a Critical Period that can be Fragile in the Face of Stress. Mesut Bayraktar, who is the Leading Gynecologist Obstetrician in the City and the Best Among Gynecologists and Obstetricians, also provides Detailed Ultrasound between 18-24 Weeks at his Private Clinic, while Approaching Vaginal Cervical Uterine Health with a Holistic Approach. Fungal Disease Cervical Smear Polyp Surgery Video Colposcopy HPV Removal of the Spiral Medical Abortion process Risky Pregnancy Follow-ups Transvaginal Ultrasound Treatment of Uterine Inflammation Treatment of Urinary Incontinence Planning of Treatments for Transparent White Brown Yellow Green Badly Colored Odorless Vaginal Discharge Burning Itching Stinging Bleeding. He provides information about Uterine Removal Surgery if necessary. I believe that Women should Live a Healthy and Happy Life in Peace. Physician Mesut Bayraktar is a Passionate Doctor about Strengthening Female Reproductive Health. Because the Success of Feminine Genital Organs in Vitality is Important for Global Welfare; It is crucial for Human Peace, serving the World to make it a more beautiful place to live. Mesut Bayraktar’s Clinic is Located in the Middle of the Region in Terms of Geographical Location.
  1. Ortaca Obstetrician Performing Abortion

  2. Obstetrician in Köyceğiz Performing Abortion

  3. Obstetrician in Dalaman Performing Abortion

Active in Ortaca, Dalaman, and Köyceğiz regions, the doctor works actively in these areas.

Chronicization of Diseases in Women

; When Adaptation to Diseases is Combined with Women’s Psychology, Normalizing Complaints Becomes Inevitable. Ladies who enter the denial psychology of difficult-to-manage genital diseases can carry the diseases caused by Ovarian Uterine Cervical Vaginal Vulvar Perineal Diseases (I call this

High-Risk Gynecological Disease

) to themselves and their families for a lifetime (This partnership is an invaluable asset to adaptation and chronicization of diseases). The only power that will protect you, your family, and future generations from the clutches of pathological relationships and the burden of diseases is to establish a lifelong collaboration (Doctor-Patient Bond) with an
Experienced Gynecologist Doctor
. Throughout life, your Stable Invariable Doctor Gynecologist, that is, your Gynecologist Specialist Doctor, should be. Thus, all health information related to your femininity will be gathered in one hand and one mind, resulting in early diagnosis and effective treatments for you. Acquiring a Stable Gynecologist Doctor will improve Women’s Health at the forefront and elevate the overall quality of life and lifespan. A woman should immediately avoid making the mistake of randomly scheduling an appointment with whichever Gynecologist Doctor is available at the hospital. The Invaluable Value of Uterine Vaginal Health offered; Cheap approaches, simple suggestions, superstition encouragements can be a storm of annoying diseases, vulnerability, … It is imperative to break free from the impulse of going to the doctor available at the hospital urgently. You need to find – acquire a
Female Obstetric Specialist Doctor
whom you can always reach, talk to, and discuss without fear. In addition, the Stable Gynecologist Doctor, Obstetrician Dr. Mesut Bayraktar, will always be just a phone call away, whom you can call at any important moment, ask questions without fear, and have discussions and exchanges of ideas without shame. If you cannot find a Remedy for your female genital problems, remember that the Main Cause; until proven otherwise, could be a “Gynecological Disease.”

Gynecological Health in Women; It is More Valuable Than General Health

. The health of the reproductive organs is precious, affecting the mother, fetus***, family, society, and future generations to come from the fetus***. Ignoring the health of women and girls and neglecting your uterus, ovaries, and vagina problems is a big mistake. Do not fall into the trap of Getting used to – Becoming insensitive Trapping, which seems cost-free. Do not forget that until proven otherwise, the correct diagnosis may be a “Gynecological Disease.” Among the best Gynecologists who offer real treatment based on a correct diagnosis is Obstetrician Dr. Mesut Bayraktar, who awaits his grateful patients in his private clinic; Ultrasound Colposcopy Examination is performed within the Obstetrics Diseases Clinic, Liquid-Based Cervical Smear. Making an appointment for an examination is a good start. If you want to be treated and healed today, take a step now. To develop a doctor-patient relationship that will last a lifetime, you can contact Mesut Bayraktar WhatsApp Online Instant Appointment: 05467740159 to communicate with the master of the profession, Obstetrician Dr. Mesut Bayraktar, who has devoted himself to the field of Gynecology. The Private Clinic is in the position of

The Nearest Female Obstetric Doctor

to the hotel.

Here, the doctor can clinically diagnose many diseases. If we need to title it; Physician’s Treatment Capabilities;

  • How is Abortion Done in Private Hospital

  • II. Level Ultrasound
  • Fibroid Surgery
  • Polyp Removal
  • PCOS Treatment
  • Inflammation Treatments in Vagina
  • Persistent Fungal Treatment
  • Cervicitis Treatment
Colposcopy Examination Colposcopy I am performing. This is because female individuals exhibit rapid adaptation evolution to the symptoms of reproductive system diseases; In this context,
* Social Proof Theory-Based Gynecological Ponzi Masses +/-
* Estrogen Intoxication +/-
* High Sexual Market Value +/-
* I’m young, beautiful, flawless, and superb. Genital Denial Situation +/-
* Effectively denying feminine diseases to maintain sexual pheromonal dominance in the partner can chronically accelerate female-specific diseases. Colposcopy, Smear, and HPV examinations assist the physician in complex situations here. Colposcopy (Colposcopy is like an X-ray of the cervix) HPV Hysterectomy Resistant Persistent Fungal Disease Infertility Uterine Inflammation Treatment Pregnancy Monitoring Medical Abortion Procedure within Legal Limits Menopause Rejuvenation Myomectomy Polypectomy Genital Itching Discharge Burning Bleeding Beyond; I assist in guiding the health of women throughout their lives. Ladies need strong health advocates by their side. Mesut Bayraktar is himself a Urinary Incontinence Treatment Therapeutic Abortion Detailed Ultrasound Examination Cervical Smear Biopsy with Colposcopy Birth Control Consultancy Child Planning Pregnancy Monitoring Surgical Abortion Menopause Rejuvenation 2nd Level Ultrasound Colposcopy Biopsy Assessment Surgery Polypectomy Polyp Removal Surgery Uterine Prolapse Treatment Diagnostic Abortion Procedure Alongside Vaginal Tightening Hysterectomy Resistant Fungal Disease Uterine Inflammation Treatment Vulvar Discharge Burning Itching Bleeding. I see myself in a professional helper position alongside my patients as a partner in meeting their needs and solving their problems. In Menopause, experience Itching … Such as Aging, Childbirth, and Menopause-Related Conditions, I am also providing their treatments. I am planning the Diagnosis & Treatment of Diseases related to the Vulvar Region, which are frequently associated with Skene’s Duct Cyst I am planning the Diagnosis & Treatment of Diseases related to the Vulvar Region. In conjunction with these plans, Gynecologist Specialist Dr. Mesut Bayraktar is aware that the art and craft of being a doctor should be holistic. With this awareness, he addresses the physical, mental, and emotional health of his patients. As an experienced Obstetrician, I listen to the concerns of the patient without bending or twisting, speaking only the truth. My goal is to work in detail with each patient, prioritizing their goals for care, recovery, and rehabilitation related to their gynecological health. I do my best to meet with individuals who want to heal where they are in life. Of course, more important than my efforts is the individual’s desire to heal + contact the right physician.
Abortion Above <9 Weeks Pregnancy Termination of Pregnancy Procedure (Unwed Pregnancy); Resolving All Genital System Disease Conditions, Including Those Listed Above, Will Make Me Happy.

The Path to Treatment in Your Issues Starts with 1 (One) Examination. I have a mission to protect women’s health and heal diseases; Comfort and safety are my priorities. Providing individual care to the patient, I offer suitable treatment plans. My modern private clinic in [location] provides a comfortable environment.

Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Obstetrician and Gynecologist Private Clinic

Obstetrician and Gynecologist Dr. Mesut Bayraktar

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  5. If a Woman Does Not Accept Her Illness, There is No Harmony at Home.
  6. There is No Savings (Cutback) in Pregnancy. Property is Sacrificed During Pregnancy.
  7. If a Woman is Ill, the Root Cause is Gynecological Until Proven Otherwise.
  8. Pregnancy is Not a Physiological Period. Pregnancy is an Extraordinary Period with the Risk of Disease and Death. It Requires Surrender to an Experienced, Insightful Doctor. 2018
  9. Pregnancy Diseases are Complications of Neglected Gynecological Diseases.
  10. Pregnancy Diseases are Undiagnosed Gynecological Diseases. (MB, 2016)
  11. 1 Point of IQ Gained During Pregnancy Elevates Your Baby to the Top of the Success Spiral.
  12. Even the Most Perfect Healthcare System Cannot Protect a Pregnant Woman who Ignores Infections.
  13. The Uterus is Not an Organ that Bears, Endures, Shows Ease, or Understands the Situation.
  14. Zero Vaginal Discharge is Health. (MB, 2016)

Rudolf Virchow; Louis Pasteur, Robert Koch savundukları; hastalıkların mikrop teorisine inanmıyordu. Hastalıkların, dış patojenlerden değil, hücrelerin İçindeki anormal faaliyetlerden kaynaklandığını öne sürdü. Aynı zamanda Max Gerson‘da Hastalık gelişmeden önce metabolik bozulmanın başladığını kitabında yazmıştır.

Mesut Bayraktar is involved in the practice of his profession by amalgamating and modifying echelons. He underscores the legitimacy of Virchow, the Pope of Medicine’s, perspectives.

Zero Vaginal Discharge is Health. [1]