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Unpreventable dental caries in women

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If A Woman İs İll, There İs No Serenity At Home.

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Mesut Bayraktar,MD

Gynecology & Obstetrics Specialist

Unpreventable dental caries in women – Gynecology and odontogenic diseases

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The root cause of conditions that impair oral health, especially tooth decay, may be gynecological.

So Why Have You Not Been Said To Be Gynecological Despite Going To Lots Of Professionals ?

Because Talking of the Female Genital System is Bad – Misunderstood…

Neighborhood Pressure – Environmental Pressure, Non-Attribution….

No woman wants to hear a recommendation from a place where she goes for the treatment of dental caries, that is, from the dental clinic, that you should be examined by a gynecologist. Fear of Misunderstanding….

Are Your Teeth Rotting?

Is It Especially Exacerbated During Pregnancy?

Can’t you figure it out?

Tired of your Teeth & Jaw?

The Path to Treatment Begins with 1 (One) Examination.

If you want to make this start, request an appointment via WhatsApp 0546 774 01 59.

Gizemli Sır: Asemptomatik Vajinal Akıntı Rahi̇m & Vaji̇nal Kanamalar Neden Beklemekle İyi̇leşmi̇yor ? Muğla Kürtaj Pillar Content Ayrıntılı Ultrason Rahim İltihabı Vajinal Akıntı Menopoz nedir? Gebelikte – Hamilelikte Kanama

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